Recycled Robin Hayes Mires Himself Further

When I read about the NC state Republican Party ousting its chairman, Hasan Harnett, and replacing him with recycled Robin Hayes I was disappointed. It’s not so much the plot that boozer executive director Dallas Woodhouse (remember when he was filmed at a Tillis event drunk?) appears to have orchestrated to smear Harnett, but the fact that the party ignored the will of party activists who voted for Harnett. Further damning was the idea that Hayes could somehow mend the party after Woodhouse and his cronies tore it apart. After all, Hayes is the man who told a conservative activist in a private meeting to, “Stay away from the Tea Party, because they are radicals.” Hayes will unite the Republican Party?

Dallas Woodhouse being interviewed while drunk

Dallas Woodhouse being interviewed while drunk

There has probably not been a man in Cabarrus County who has done as much harm to our area as Robin Hayes. I wonder if his grandfather, Charlie Cannon, would have been proud of Hayes for voting for the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in 2005. This bill was one of the last deathblows to the mill industry in our state. Interestingly, reports indicate that then Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert heavily lobbied Hayes to vote for CAFTA. This past week Hastert was sent to prison from accusations that he molested children.

Hayes said at the time, “I am flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed to CAFTA,” before flipping his vote at the last minute. He was the deciding vote on the issue. He must have felt he had to play the cat and mouse game so it would not be as hard to ask the voters he sold out to vote for him again.

Robin Hayes

Like anything, follow the money and you’ll find the answer. We will never know how much the Hayes-Cannon family profited from outsourcing the mills to underdeveloped countries. Could this dirty profit be the real reason our new Republican Party Chair voted against his constituents after saying, “Every time I drive through Kannapolis and I see those empty plants, I know there is no way I could vote for CAFTA.”

The textile heir made sure his interests were preserved when he accelerated Richard Hudson to his old Congressional seat. Proof of this was Hudson’s vote for the same kind of dirty trade deal, Trans-Pacific Partnership. Remember, it’s impossible to have “free trade” with countries that do not have American ideals.

In the 2014 U.S. Senate race, Hayes, who has a long history of friendship with Thom Tillis, came out in support of Mark Harris. Hayes realized Tillis was not a strong enough candidate to win without help, so he used Harris to split the vote in favor of Tillis.

Robin Hayes has a long list of dirty deeds that most people seem to not realize. People like Hayes are the reason the Republican Party is fracturing and we are seeing the rise of outsiders like Donald Trump. I have no time for a party that praises men like Hayes.

Greg Brannon’s back just in time for Christmas

Dr. Greg Brannon’s back and North Carolina’s senate primary just got interesting! What a political Christmas present. Like many people I’m sick and tired of politics as unusual.

I’m tired of Richard Burr writing legislation like the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which Paul Ryan just made sure passed in Omnibus. CISA strips more of our privacy. Click here to read more. Burr is used to being able to skirt accountability, but that’s over now. Voters have a credible, competent, and erudite alternative.

Paul Shumaker

But you would never know it based on Paul Shumaker’s temerity. Burr has used this establishment minion as his operative, but he’s not the only one. Remember Cabarrus state senator Fletcher Hartsell who just announced amid potential federal charges that he would not run for reelection? Shumaker has helped him along with Hartsell’s law firm partner Jay White who resigned his Cabarrus county commission position amid a cloud of speculation. The list of North Carolina establishment nanny state politicians Shumaker has worked for is long and ugly.

Of course Shumaker, who has made his living by defining the argument, immediately went for the kill shot. Dr. Brannon was involved in a business start-up venture and passed along information he received in an email to former friends who sued him. Apparently part of the information that he was under the impression was accurate was inaccurate. As the story is told Dr. Brannon offered to liquidate his 401k plan to reimburse his friends who lost money in the deal. It should be noted that Brannon lost money in the venture also. As I understand it, the judge who ruled against Brannon had contributed to Kay Hagan’s campaign – the Democrat he would have eventually faced in the 2014 general election.

I think what Paul Shumaker is really concerned with is his paycheck from Burr drying up. If Brannon wins, progressive Shumaker loses political credibility and future payouts from the senator. But then again I guess there will always be big government progressives like Fletcher Hartsell and Richard Burr to work for.

Dr. Greg Brannon

Greg Brannon gives us an aseptic alternative to Richard Burr, who has made a career of growing government and robbing freedom from the populace. I regret ever voting for Richard Burr.

America has been arming rebels and leaving weapons and equipment behind after troops leave for years, and we later end up fighting radical groups like ISIS who have stolen the weapons or turn on America. It’s an easy pattern to see, but Richard Burr lacks the wisdom to see it. He said in regards to arming rogue rebels, “The federal government ought to equip them with all the sophisticated weaponry they need to battle terrorists.” This doesn’t sound smart.

North Carolina needs representation from someone with a sound mind. North Carolina needs Dr. Brannon. I encourage you to view Brannon’s recent campaign video by CLICKING HERE to learn more about why he is running.

Richard Burr forgot the Constitution

When Senator Richard Burr requests that you reelect him in 2016, remember that he believes you may be a terrorist and the government has the right to spy on you. Forget the fact that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution says we have the right to not be unreasonably searched. He’s too busy writing surveillance legalization to read the Constitution.

Richard Burr Burr sponsored, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) and the Senate passed it in late October. In 1993, Feinstein told the Associated Press, “Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.” Our NC senator is partnering with someone with a perverted view of the Constitution and our right as people to self-preservation.

CISA’s stated objective is to improve cybersecurity through enhanced sharing of information about threats and “other purposes.” According to a recent New American magazine article, the bill creates a way for companies to share information with the federal government and its various three-letter agencies. The information shared will include personal data about customers, including names, addresses, what services they use, how they use them, and when they use them. The article goes on to state that if the company in question is your Internet or mobile service provider, the information could include your browsing history and call logs.

This bill is a dangerous threat to our freedom, and it will do nothing to protect us from terrorism. It will only give the illusion of protection. As the oft-quoted Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

The Founders of America knew that if the American populace approached their government with cowardice the system would fall apart. And ultimately it will continue to lead to tyranny and executive overreach as we have endured for the last seven years. Think it doesn’t matter because you’re not a criminal? Franklin would say you deserve enslavement.

Remember, Richard Burr does not deserve your vote. He believes he knows what’s best for you. I look forward to the primary season.

Tyrants, ISIS, and America’s involvement

Tyrants are never what God intends, because the importance of people having free will was demonstrated in the Garden of Eden. One of the most precious gifts God gave people is the freedom to choose Him or not. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a communist dictator, has been raised up for a purpose, to destroy evil people who are persecuting Christians in the Middle East.


Russian President Vladimir Putin

Approximately eighteen months ago the terrorist group ISIS was created by the CIA, which funneled weapons, vehicles, and supplies to the radical Jihadists. It’s amazing to watch how God uses the plans of men for His own purposes. Putin is seeking to protect Syria because Russia has clear economic incentive.

Much speculation has surrounded why the US government wanted Bashar al-Assad overthrown, and some reports indicate that President Obama has been doing nothing more than dropping bombs in the desert in faux attempts to defeat ISIS. Russia has done more to squelch ISIS in one two weeks than America has been able to do in the last year and a half.

In Psalm 106 it states that the Children of Israel forgot how the Lord had blessed them, and they developed a wanton craving. Is this not America today? We have enjoyed prosperity and the fruits of God’s blessings, but we have become vile. So much so that we have funded Muslim Jihadists who are persecuting Christians in unconscionable ways.

Like the Israelites, Americans have created idols and we have forgotten our Savior and they provoked the Lord to anger. I believe this resembles what Matt Drudge said in an interview. He stated that Americans are sick, and that we are on the brink of having nothing but a semblance of what we have today. However, Christians have the solution. A spiritual awakening and turning to God could remedy America’s ailments.

At the end of Psalm 106, it explains that after the people had relentlessly rebelled against God and were brought down because of their iniquity, the Lord was gracious and merciful when He heard the people’s cry. Our hope as Christians is that God will be merciful.

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Why Richard Hudson and politics do not matter

I was having breakfast this week with a friend. I was asking his opinion about Congressman Richard Hudson and what we can do to hold him accountable. (I’ve written much about Hudson HERE, HERE, and HERE.) My friend’s thoughts resonated with me, and they gave me a fresh perspective. I left our breakfast understanding that God gives people the rulers they deserve.

Richard Hudson

We see this in Scripture. For example, in 1 Samuel 8 there were judges over the people. As I read this I take it that power was distributed among the judges, and power was not centralized. The Israelites asked Samuel, the head of the judges, to appoint a king over them, so Samuel prayed to God, and the Lord said to Samuel, “Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me.”

After the sale and disbursement of aborted babies was revealed through videos by the pro-life organization the Center for Medical Progress, and the Supreme Court legislatively negated God’s structure of marriage this summer, can we claim that America has not rejected God? In fact, most churches find it acceptable, because if they did not they would say something. The fact that churches say little to nothing is evidence that they find the sale of aborted babies and gay marriage acceptable. Passivity is lukewarmness and God clearly tells us in Revelation that it is detestable. Being silent while innocent people are killed is wrong.

Later in 1 Samuel 8, God tells Samuel to tell the Israelites what the king will do once he’s in power. Long story short, the king takes over as the ruler of the people and enslaves them. Verse 17 says, “And you will be his (the king’s) servants.” Nevertheless the people said, “No, but we will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go before us and fight our battles.” I’ve heard countless times people in their 20s and 30s raving about European countries and things the governments in the European Union do for the people. They want to “be like all the nations…”

Most Christians and most Americans can’t be bothered to engage in anything outside of their jobs and entertainment. We see socialist ideologues like Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and people cry out for them because of their flattering speech about “hope” or making us a “winner.” Americans are crying out for someone to rule over us, and God gave us what we deserved in Obama. It stands to reason, He’s going to give us who we deserve until there is some type of spiritual awakening. Sadly, I believe most people will not do anything differently until we are enslaved like the Israelites in 1 Samuel 8. People are going to have to feel pain, otherwise nothing is going to change.

And people like Richard Hudson will continue their legacy of deceit. The establishment politicians have figured out that nobody is going to hold them accountable. We saw it in the 2014 election in North Carolina when now Senator Thom Tillis refused to show up at debates (CLICK HERE), and yet he won the election. Corrupt Richard Hudson knows he does not have to hold a town hall as his constituents requested, because there will be no consequences, for the simple reason that people are passive and lazy and will vote the party line when he’s up for reelection. And if there happens to be a viable competitor, the establishment knows where to find the money to shame the competitor.

This problem begins being resolved in churches. Christians have the bedrock in Scripture for how America’s government was created but we flippantly choose what is applicable and what is not. Even though the liberal establishment attempts to deny it, our government has its rudimentary foundations from Scripture.

Our churches are filled with teachers and the visionaries have died out. I’m most saddened by the lack of vision most churches have, and it directly relates to the non-Biblical role leaders within churches hold. The lens through which you read the Bible will impact your view of all other aspects of life.

Until the church is willing to speak the truth found in Scripture, the one-world government seekers will continue to win. Sadly, they’ve been winning for years, and yet Christians get played like a fiddle.

A blaring example of Americans being played was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Giving an opaque private organization the power to control monetary policy was a mistake the world has paid for. Just last week the Federal Reserve stated that it cannot raise interest rates. The short reason, they’ve tampered with monetary policy so long that that they are doomed if they change anything. The house of cards is about to fall and will again reveal how miserable of an organization the Federal Reserve truly is. Click here to learn about Exiting the Stock Market.

To think that there is nothing we can do is shortsighted, and I believe those coming behind us will inherit great lacks of liberty and freedom. And sadly, I think many of us alive today are going to feel the consequences of our apathy. My guess is that it will be monetary pain first.

A Congressman from Minnesota named Charles August Lindbergh (1859 – 1924) astutely said, “We should remember that we are dealing with systems and not with individuals, and that we have no right to blame individuals for the present system nor because they use it, but we have a right to ask them to examine it carefully, and if they find errors, to join in an endeavor to correct them and not make an unfair use of the opportunities such errors may present them. Radical changes are not possible until they come by common consent.”